What kind of childhood did my grandmother and grandfather have? Why is Narod’s dolma different from Rudi’s? Is dolma made with or without meat? What lullabies do people in our home sing? Does everyone speak the same Armenian? How do you say ‘child’ in your dialect? Do you prepare your pastries salty or sweet, and what spices are used in them? Different Armenian dialects, different foods, and different lullabies…


Can Armenians who migrated from Anatolia or Mesopotamia years ago sustain their traditions and culture today? With countless questions about Western Armenian culture in our minds, we started working on Panavor. Our aim was to prepare an archive about Western Armenian culture and its traditions by interviewing as many people as possible. Every house we visited became our own as we found something from our culture there. Sometimes we were surprised by similarities and sometimes by differences. For us, the most beautiful aspect of this work was being able to meet and intersect with people from different continents, countries, and cities around Western Armenian culture and its stories. In Panavor, which we envision as an endless journey, we are ready to listen to your stories if you want to share them with us.


Narod Avcı

Rudi Pulatyan